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WJPA radio broadcasts from 1976 and 1977

Dave Kinskey, age 17, August 1976. working as disc jockey

WJPA Radio, Washington, PA. Recordings from 1976 and 1977

Step back in time when you listen to these clips. The first item is a very brief, “modern day” audio introduction I recorded. You’ll notice I sound a lot different now then when I was a teenager.

The first WJPA clip is a 30 minute, on-air recording of WJPA Radio in Washington, PA from November 26, 1976. It begins with a newscast (about 6 minutes), which is then followed by a series of full-length, hit songs and even the full, commercial breaks. The announcer, “Dave Collins,” is me (on-air name, a pseudonym) at age 18, filling in for one of the regular disc jockeys during Thanksgiving break of my freshman year at Syracuse University.

The second broadcast clip from WJPA is a 23 minute, edited recording from August 1977. Songs and national news are clipped (just beginning and ends are on the recording) and some commercials are clipped, but includes my DJ remarks and some scripted commercials (I was filling in for Jim Jefferson this day). The audio quality is not as good, as the recording is overmodulated.

NOTE: Once you start playing a recording, you can click anywhere in the progress bar to skip forward or back to other parts of the recording. To change volume, click and move the slider button on the right side (in addition to any audio adjustment on your computer, if necessary).

Introduction by Dave

WJPA – Nov. 26, 1976

WJPA – August 1977


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