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What You Should Know About Buyer Agency and Seller Agency Representation in ND and MN

Buyer Agency VS. Seller Agency

You need to understand a real estate agency representation in a transaction, and what options you have when buying or selling houses in North Dakota or Minnesota. Licensed real estate agents in ND and MN must present agency relationship disclosures to all buyers and sellers. Disclosures are informational only. They are not a contract. A buyer or seller can sign disclosures given to them by more than one agent (under law, every agent you meet with or who shows you a home should present you with a copy of this disclosure). Your signature just provides proof to state real estate auditors that an agent has given you the information.

Real Estate Agency Representation

To have representation by an agent (advocacy), you must sign a buyer agency contract as a buyer or sign a listing contract as a seller. Agents can also provide equal duties and confidentiality to both buyer and seller under dual agency, when both parties agree to dual agency in writing.

I will be glad to answer questions that you may have about the types of agency relationship available. Please contact me if you would like me to e-mail or text you a copy of the North Dakota and/or Minnesota agency relationship disclosures, so you can better understand your options.

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